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$249/First Month Then $149/monthly

Wealthiest Mentor is a digital finance mentorship put together by MrKillDaMarkets and his team where they educate, and mentor you in the Blockchain World, E-Commerce, & Forex Markets. Fully equipping you to be able to make a full time income monthly from your phone anywhere in the world.

Success Is Learnt - we will teach you

Advanced E-Commerce Mentorship

We have partnered with Modurn Trillionaire to provide a diverse and focused E-commerce mentorship to our members that guarantees members get clients/sales in their chosen business model. The E-commerce world is huge and is one of the most lucrative industries to tap into that provides location freedom to anyone.

Some Of The Business Models Our Advanced E-Commerce Mentorship Includes

Advanced Forex Mentorship

We have partnered with 4x Prophet who leads the forex education sector helping aspiring full time funded day traders learn the financial markets and become consistently profitable and acquire up to $4Million In Funding to trade with. This partnership is where our members get advanced level mentorship to jump the learning curve and focus-on the real technical and fundamental information of the market to start profiting right away.

Advanced Forex Mentorship Comes With

Benefits Of Our Mentorship

Pre-Recorded Courses

All Of Our Courses Are Pre-Recorded We Created Presentations, PDF's & Video Format Courses Carefully Breaking Down Every Topic * Sub-Topic To Ensure All The Information Is There For You To Understand Clearly To Setup & Get Rolling.

Build An Investment Portfolio.

With our mentorship you will learn exactly how to setup a profitable investment portfolio in 3 different financial industries for long term and short term gains.

Automated Shadow System

We have separate rooms & systems setup where you can shadow the mentors investments and e-commerce decisions to duplicate profits effortlessly as well.

Become A Funded Trader

We help our members get funded by companies to trade for them and keep up to 90% of the profits you make with their money, and the the company also covers any losses so you never have to pay a dime back.

Multiple Streams Of Income

Our Mentorship helps members establish three profitable streams of income in the first 2-4 months of mentorship enabling our members to earn more and access their financial desires much sooner.

Secret Investment Community

You Get Access To Three Secret investment communities our partner businesses and ours along with access to other high performing members and mentors who are crushing their niche who you can collaborate with and grow more.

BlockChain & Crypto Mentorship

We are working closely with Finesse Crypto to provide top notch blockchain education to our members. The block chain world is so diverse and location free that persons all over the world can use this as a finance system to generate more money, hide money, or securely transfer money with reasonable speed.

Imagine if you invested in Amazon, Apple, Google, or Facebook 15 years ago! Where would you be financially? Well, now is not the time to imagine. Now is the time for action. The opportunities in the crypto space right now in 2022, are even bigger than getting involved in the big 4 back then.

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Mentorship Plans

Warning: Due to increased demand we cannot guarantee the special prices listed below after THE FIRST 500 MEMBERS. Sign up today, otherwise you will have to purchase at the normal price of $497/monthly.

Laptop Lifestyle

Forex & E-Commerce

$ 249 99
  • Forex Mentorship & Course
  • E-Commerce Mentorship & Course
  • Blockchain Mentorship & Course

Funded King

Lifetime Access

$ 1,500
One Time Payment
  • All Benefits Of Laptop Lifestyle
  • $50k Prop Firm Account
  • Website Built For You For Your Chosen E-Commerce Business Model
  • Liferime Access
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Meet The Mentors

Our team is full of immersive support, but we have 3 main mentors who will guide you to succeed in your entrepreneurship & trading career.