Learn How We Are Generating $15k-$45k/m Online Using Only A Phone & Wifi

Wealthiest Mentor is a digital finance mentorship put together by industry leaders where they educate, and mentor you in the Blockchain World, & Forex Markets. Fully equipping you to be able to make a full-time income monthly from your phone anywhere in the world. While helping you to unlock time, location, and financial freedom

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Your Journey To Success


Choose A Mentorship Plan

Complete The Trainings & Attend All Live Classes

Start Profiting, Get Funded, Scale Your Crypto Portfolio

In The Next 120 Days Become Unrecognizable

Launch Your 6-9 Figure Trading Business

We show you step by step how to build your own Day Trading Business With Investor’s Capital That You Don’t Have To Pay Back Even If You Lose The Funds. No Credit Checks Or Anything All You Have To Do Is Prove You Can Trade.

Our Mentorship will teach you exactly how to be profitable inside the market, and develop bulletproof psychology, and winning trading systems.

AFTER we start the process of helping you build your own trading business and keep up to 90% of the profits from investors capital.

Mentorship Covers:

we focus on helping members generate profit using only their phone or laptop


Learn how to be profitable in the largest and most liquid market in the world.

Getting Funded

We help You Get Funded $600,000 in capital from prop firms.


We have support channels & weekly calls to help members grow.


Private Investors Community Where we share wealth creation tactics.

Advanced Education & Guidance

With our unique program setup we cover 3 main areas that ensure our members will always make money online guaranteed. We have partnered with 4x Prophet, Modurn Trillionaire & Finesse Crypto that has a proven track record of students they have mentored.  

Your Future Is Determined By The Actions You Take Now

What If You Were Exactly Where You Wanted To Be?

Let’s be honest no amount of budgeting, not eating out, missing trips with the ones you love, or even by yourself, and not buying yourself the things you desire will make up for the fact that you are simply not earning enough money to live the lifestyle you truly desire. The best way out of this trap is to learn a high income skillset/s and stick with it.We have put together a proven elite system that will get you closer to living the lifestyle you desire if you have a phone or laptop.

This is not  a apple falling in your lap it takes discipline, consistency, a burning desire and with following our simple proven steps.




Benefits Of Our Mentorship

Pre-Recorded Courses

All Of Our Courses Are Pre-Recorded We Created Presentations, PDF's & Video Format Courses Carefully Breaking Down Every Topic * Sub-Topic To Ensure All The Information Is There For You To Understand Clearly To Setup & Get Rolling.

Time Freedom

No need for a boss or manager to give you a schedule to show up because you will be able to earn money whenever you decide to and have systems that are generating you income around the clock.

Automated Shadow System

We have separate rooms & systems setup where you can shadow the mentors investments and e-commerce decisions to duplicate profits effortlessly as well.

Become A Funded Trader

We help our members get funded by companies to trade for them and keep up to 90% of the profits you make with their money, and the the company also covers any losses so you never have to pay a dime back.

Access Financial Freedom

You will now truly be generating profits from 3 streams of income effortlessly and have guidance from other financial investors that we bring in that shows you how to save and invest the profits you generate.

Location Freedom

You will now have unlocked true location freedom being able to make money anywhere you desire without having to worry about being at a specific place. Meaning you now can travel full time.

What Our Students Say?


Meet Our Mentors

Meet the team that will be educating you throughout your journey with 4x Prophet.


Calvin J.

Crypto Mentor

Founder of Finesse Crypto



Co-Founder of 4x Prophet &
Modurn Trillionaire

Eli Benji web (1)

Eli Benji.

Co. Founder of 4x Prophet


Sultan Fx.

Co-Founder of 4x Prophet